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Aqualogy Experts

Water/Wastewater Plants


Wastewater 01Waste water treatment is the process of removing contaminants from waste water generated from house hold sewage, commercial, institutional and industrial. It includes physical, chemical and biological process to remove solids, biological or chemical contaminants. The objective is to produce environmentally safe treated effluent and solid waste suitable for disposal or re-use.

We provide solutions from packaged sewage treatment plant to custom engineered plants for residential / townships/ commercial/ industrial/ Hotels/ Hospitals/ Educational institutions/ IT parks/ Farm house/ Villas etc. We emphasis our design on:

  • Odour less and colorless treated sewage water
  • No odor during operation of the plant
  • Overall organic and Inorganic reduction
  • Low foot print requirement
  • Low sludge production.
  • Zero discharge concept
  • Treated water can be used for gardening, flushing, irrigation, construction and many other non- potable uses.
  • Latest technology usage for improved out put
  • Easy and robust operation.