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GLS tanks

gls tanks 01Glass-fused-to-steel is the premium technology in the tank market. Glass coating's physical properties are especially suited to municipal and industrial storage applications. The factory-applied silica glass coating on tanks forms a hard, inert barrier for both the interior and exterior tank surfaces to guard against weather and corrosion. Glass-fused-to-steel is impermeable to liquids and vapors, controls undercutting caused by corrosion and offers excellent impact and abrasion resistance. The color won’t fade or chalk and most graffiti can easily be removed. It never needs painting. 

A multi-step process is the heart of the glass-fused-to-steel technology system. Fabricated sheets are grit blasted to a uniform, near white surface Proprietary formulations of borosilicate, minerals, water and clays are blended into spray able slurry called "slip". After inspection, the slurry is fused to the steel sheets at temperatures above 1,500° F to produce the distinctive glossy finish. The molten glass reacts with the profiled steel surface to form an inert, inorganic chemical and mechanical bond. Noor supplies and installs Glass Lined Tanks in diameters from 3 meters to 70 meters, and in heights from 2 meters to 40 meters, with or without roof cover.