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Aqualogy Experts

Water/Wastewater Plants

Parts & Specialties

parts specialties 01With offices located throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia we are able to provide our customers with unparalleled service. Through our locations in the Kingdom we are able to service our clients not only within the Kingdom but throughout the Middle East. Noor offers expertise & excels in several specialties such as:

Sludge treatment & dewatering equipment:

The main waste generated in a municipal waste water treatment plant is the wastewater sludge that is removed from mechanical, biological and chemical wastewater treatment processed. Biological/chemical waste water treatment reduces the solved and unresolved pollutants existing in the waste water. These are to be regained in the sewage sludge at the end of the water treatment. The sludge treatment is necessary to reduce and to ameliorate the sludge, which are produced within the biological wastewater treatment.



parts specialties Membranes 01Membrane technology has become a dignified separation technology over the past decennia. The main force of membrane technology is the fact that it works without the addition of chemicals, with a relatively low energy use and easy and well-arranged process conductions. Membranes are used more and more often for the creation of process water from groundwater, surface water or wastewater.

The principle is quite simple: the membrane acts as a very specific filter that will let water flow through, while it catches suspended solids and other substances. There are various methods to enable substances to penetrate a membrane. Examples of these methods are the applications of high pressure, the maintenance of a concentration gradient on both sides of the membrane and the introduction of an electric potential. Membranes occupy through a selective separation wall. Certain substances can pass through the membrane, while other substances are caught. Membrane filtration can be used as an alternative for flocculation, sediment purification techniques, adsorption (sand filters and active carbon filters, ion exchangers), extraction and distillation.


Pressure Vessels

parts specialties Pressure Vessels 01Pressure vessels are used to store & transmit liquids, vapors & gases under pressure. The pressure of these finds will exert pressure equal in all direction on the walls & ends of the pressure vessels. Because of the internal loading, stresses are including on certain sections of the cylinder (pressure vessel) wall. Major uses of pressure vessels are as follows:

  • Pressure vessels are used in steam boilers
  • Pressure vessels are also used in storage of chemical in chemical plants
  • Use in storage of petroleum products (petrol, diesel etc.)


Chemical Dosing Pumps

parts specialties Chemical Dosing Pumps 01The dosing of water treatment chemicals needs to be precise if effective control of water treatment parameters is to be achieved. Noor Water Treatment team has considerable experience in the selection of suitable dosing equipment. Years of water treatment experience means we can advise our customers on chemical dosing and help our customers ensure that their water treatment regime is operating as efficiently as possible. Water treatment chemicals are ideally dosed automatically via a precision chemical pump. A chemical dosing pump is controlled by equipment that will ensure the correct amount of chemical is being added for the specific application. Ensuring correct dosage through specialist equipment allows for more efficient treatments and as a result better plant protection. Dosing pumps and controllers are commonly used in a wide verity of water treatments including:

  • Descaling treatments
  • Corrosion inhibitor treatments
  • Micro biocide treatments