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Aqualogy Experts

Water/Wastewater Plants

Demineralization/Specific Ion Removals

water softener 3 demineralizationDemineralization units remove the mineral salts from water by Ion exchange process. The DM units are custom designed to remove specific minerals or complete mineral depending on various industrial applications.

In demineralization, for example, bicarbonate [HCO3-], chloride [CL-] and sulphate [SO4–] anions are removed from the solution in exchange for a chemically equivalent number of hydroxide anions [OH-] from the anion exchange resin.

Further in demineralization , for example, calcium [Ca++], magnesium [ Mg++] and potassium [K+] anions are removed and exchanged for a chemically equivalent number of hydrogen cations [H+] from the cation exchange resin.