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Chemical Manufacturing

Water Desalination

Desalination 02The scarcity of fresh water resources and the need for additional water supplies is alreday critical in many arid regions like Middle-East countries, and will be growing in the future. Water desalination appears to be a real necessity in these countries, which are consuming approximately 70% of the worlwide drinking water produced from sea water.

Noor offers technical solutions to water desalination plants, with a wide range of:

  • Antiscalants and antifoulants, antifoams and acid inhibitors for thermal desalination process
  • Antiscalants, cleaners and biocides for reverse osmosis

Our product range includes: 

Product Family Brand Description Application
D-Scale® TH45 Range Anionic Copolymers/Terpolymers Antiscalants for multistage flash distillation, Multi-Effect distillation
D-Spume® TH50 Range Non-Silicon Antifoams Antifoams for thermal desalination plants.
RO-Guard®  Range Phosphonates/acrylates/Maleates Antiscalants for RO systems.
RO-Clean®  Range Surfactants, Detergents and Quads Cleaners and disinfectants for RO systems
N-Floc® A Anionic acrylic polymers Flocculation, RO pretreatment
N-Floc® C Cationic polymers Flocculation, RO pretreatment
N-Floc® EM Anionic and cationic emulsion polymers Flocculation, RO pretreatment
N-Floc® PA40 Polyamines Coagulation RO pretreatment
N-Floc® PD40 Polydadmac Coagulation RO pretreatment

Product Family Brand