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Chemical Manufacturing


WaterWastewaterPlants 03We offer full range of coagulants and flocculants for water treatment under N-Floc® brand.

Coagulants are cationic species (polyamines or polydadmac) that are agglomerating suspending colloidal particles causing odor, turbidity, color and taste to water. Coagulants allow the formation of bigger particles by agglomeration called flocs that can then be removed with the help of flocculants (high molecular weight polymers) during settling, flotation or filtration processes. 

Flocculants can be anionic or cationic depending on the nature of the particles present in the water, and are based on copolymers of acrylamide and anionic (acrylic acid) or cationic (DMAEMA) monomers. 

Our product range includes:

Product Family Brand Description Application
N-Floc® A Anionic acrylic polymers Flocculation
N-Floc® C Cationic polymers Flocculation
N-Floc® EM Anionic and cationic emulsion polymers Flocculation
N-Floc® PA40 Polyamines Coagulation
N-Floc® PD40 Polydadmac Coagulation