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Better Chemistry. Better Tomorrow

Chemical Manufacturing

Mineral Processing

chemical manufacturing 02Noor offers superior additives and approaches for various mining applications including heavy metals management, specific anionic and cationic collectors all mining processes, dewatering aids, anti-scalants and highly selective reagents and modifiers.

Noor continues to provide reliable, creative and specifically designed products to help increase profitability and safety for today's customers through precision targeting of chemistries yields increased recoveries, productivities and safety. Using Noor products, our customers have been able to attain unequalled benefits and advantages such as optimized reagent performance, maximized recovery of minerals, largely increased yield and improved concentrate grades, all results in significant cost savings.

For mineral flotation we provide expertise services combined with proprietary reagent blends to generate consistent, quantifiable improvements in metallurgical, operational and financial performance.

Product Family Brand Description Application
ProMax® & MaxFlot® Promoters and collectors
  • Improve efficiency of flotation separation processes for a wide range of ores and minerals including precious and base metals.
MaxFroth® Frothers
  • Boost floatation and ensure maximum effectiveness.

Dispersing agents
Processing aids

  • Control the rate of scale formation throughout milling circuits.
  • Remove heavy metals (Cd, Zn, As, etc.) from phosphoric acid streams.
  • Control harmful effects of soluble salts, clays and fines.
  • Improve leaching.

Dewatering aids

  • Improve liquid/solid separation in filtration processes.
  • Thicken and clarify ore pulps, concentrates, and waste suspensions, aid in mineral slurry filtration.
  • Improve settling in mineral processes.
MaxBind® Resins
  • Stabilize soil and rock surfaces.
N-Surf® Surfactants
  • Modify surface tension properties.
DepMax® Depressants
  • Improve efficiency of flotation separation processes for a wide range of ores and minerals.
  • Reduce loss of phosphate values in flotation processes.