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Chemical Manufacturing


Alumina 01Aluminium is the most abundant mineral, and the third most abundant element on Earth's crust. Alumina is produced by the refining of bauxite, and its primary use is the production of aluminium metal, but is also used in refractories, ceramics, polishing and abrasive applications, and as a fire retardant/smoke suppressant.
Hydrated alumina minerals are a major component of bauxite. These minerals are dissolved, separated from residue, re-precipitated and then converted to alumina. In a separate process, the alumina is smelted to aluminium metal.

Noor provides the alumina industry with value-added, efficiency-enhanced additives during alumina processing. Our W-Floc of flocculants has proven outstanding performance in the solid-liquid separation processes.

The continuing development of our copolymers products range provided significant improvements in refinery economics and red mud disposal. acid flocculants, a quantum leap in flocculent technology for the clarification circuit, providing improved economics, liquor filtration rates and reduced settler scaling. We also offer a unique range of outstanding performance scale Inhibitors, specifically formulated to eliminate sodalite scale from heat exchangers throughout the Bayer Process.

All of Noor's products are supported by a team of expert field engineers, integrated with R&D and strong manufacturing capabilities to support our today's solutions and technologies with an eye to future industry needs.
Our product range includes:

Product Family Brand Description Application

Dispersing agents
Processing aids

Dispersant and anti-redeposition for soluble salts, clays and fines.
Improve leaching.
Prevent the formation of sodalite scale in heat exchangers
Control the rate of scale formation throughout milling circuits.


Dewatering aids
Crystal growth modifiers

Improve throughput and reduce filtration costs.
Maximize washer efficiency in the Bayer process and settling in mineral processes.
Improve liquid/solid separation in filtration processes.
Enhance the agglomeration of hydrate particles in the precipitation circuit.

D-Spume FM® Antifoams Eliminate foaming in Bayer liquors