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Better Chemistry. Better Tomorrow

Chemical Manufacturing

Mining & Fertilizers Additives

chemical manufacturing 01Driven largely by a growing population and rising incomes around the world, agricultural, minerals, sulfide ores and alumina demands are expected to continue rising in order to ensure abundant quantities of food, feed, fiber, energy, jewelries  and industrial products where metals are widely used.

To maximize recovery value from a mineral ore Noor offers advanced additives to precious and base metals operations for solving increasingly difficult problems through a unique range of custom-made additives specifically formulated to provide plants with enhanced kinetics, productivity and throughput.

chemical manufacturing 02


Noor helps the mining industry meet complex metallurgical, economic, safety and environmental challenges through providing cutting-edge solutions to metal, industrial mineral and alumina processing and help customers wherever they are find new and better approaches to achieve optimum productivity. Fertilizer and mining additives manufactured by Noor offer the possibility for tailor made product development according to the customer’s specific requirements. Our R&D facilities are at your disposal. Contact us, and we shall draw up a sound plan with you.

We are committed to provide technologically advanced chemical additives that brings real value and contributes to the sustainability of the alumina industry.