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Better Chemistry. Better Tomorrow

Chemical Manufacturing

chemical manufacturing 04Noor is a leading manufacturer and distributer of water/wastewater additives which go hand-in-hand with our water treatment plants/equipment, as well as mining and fertilizers chemical additives.

Noor first responsibility is to our customers, without them we would have no reason for being a leading organization. We strive to appeal to a broad spectrum of customers, catering in a professional manner to their needs. Our concept of value to the customers includes a wide selection of quality products and chemical solutions, competitively priced, delivered with courtesy and professionalism.

Noor aim is to be a chemical solution provider and is working on this since established. In this regards we established a well-equipped application laboratory in Dubai and recruited word class chemistry scientists in order to help our customers during the development of their new products or formulations, and also to understand their needs and constraints. We are committed to provide customized and professionally managed solutions, applying international standards and best practices of quality, safety, productivity and environmental responsibility.